Ferro Gilan Complex

Business Philosophies

Devotion to Excellence

We at FGC are determined to do all we can to continuously improve ourselves and our operations. Through study, research, development, and upgrading, we aim for the highest we can attain. We believe that today can be better than yesterday, and that tomorrow must be better than today. This effort to develop and break new records of excellence must be perpetual in all aspects of our operations.

Environmental Control

Ferro Gilan Complex invests a lot of effort into improving environment conditions at all of the company’s production facilities. All its modernization projects, both already implemented and currently in progress, imply state-of-the-art production technologies and ecologically safe equipment aimed to dramatically decrease the negative impact on the environment. We are also in close contact with the public , which enables us to promptly respond to the public’s ecological concerns and improve our facilities’ environment protection programs.
Our environment protection activity is based on systematic monitoring of ecological data and oriented on minimization of negative impact on the environment. We pay particular attention to appraisal and minimization of ecological risks. One important issue is forming an integrated system of environment protection management, which allows us to take into account all significant ecological aspects and administer them. Ferro Gilan has managed to obtain certificates of compliance with ISO 14001 standard for its enterprises’ ecology management system.
Significant funds are invested annually into projects implementing resource-saving and low-waste modern technologies, modernizing existing technological processes and other measures aimed at alleviating negative impact on the environment. Integrated modernization projects are among the most efficient, not only economically, but also ecologically. They do not only boost volumes and quality of production, but also help radically decrease impact on the environment.

Adherence to Quality of Products

FGC’s products are all designed with the best interests and satisfaction of the customer in mind. We believe that our customers will always be willing to pay for the best, and that no improvement is of any use if it does not meet our customers’ needs.
FGC attaches great importance; to quality in every stage of the production process, from the choice of raw materials all the way through to testing the finished product. Our services, from our first contact with the client to punctual delivery of the order, confirm this commitment to the quality satisfied customers requirements.

Belief in the Value of Our Personnel

FGC honours the contribution of every employee at every level of the organization. We know that good employees are the main reason for an organization’s success. For this reason, we take care to hire only the best to work with us, and provide fair and attractive remuneration packages that include constant training and education. Quality of life for our employees is paramount; their occupational health and safety are assured, thus benefiting not only our personnel but also society as a whole.

Commitment to Honesty and Ethics

Dedication to Our Social and Environmental Responsibilities
FGC’s concern for the environment and the common good stands upon the principle that we are a member of society. Any change in society is certain to affect our business. We are convinced that business, society, and the environment must all be developed in concert to ensure a sustainably successful enterprise. Our responsibility, therefore, is to take part in maintaining a good natural and social environment, balancing what we take with what we give in return.