Ferro Gilan Complex

Hot Rolled Products

Ferro Gilan Complex employing the most sophisticated state of the art technology currently available in the steel industry products its products as per international standards in two main production plants. ( Hot rolling mill & Cold rolling mill )

Hot Rolling Mill

This plant has an annual productions capacity of 2.5 million tons, and produces its products as per the following international standards for the following uses.

A) Standards;

Hot rolled products are produced as per the standards listed below,
ASTIM,DIN-JIS,AFNOR,UNI,BS & EN ( Euro Norm ), full details are available in the tables below.

B) Uses

  • general and structural
  • water, gas, oil pipes
  • pressure vessels
  • re-rolling
  • automotive & etc…

The Variety Of Qualities
Being Produced at Ferro Gilan Complex

Hot Rolled Products

Table Of Comparison Of Flat Products
Standards With Reference To End Use

  • 1) The values in the table apply to transverse test pieces with w>600 mm.
  • 2) It is permissible to exceed the maximum value indicated, provided a phosphorus content per 0.001
    %N of 0.005 % P below the maximum value indicated is mentioned. The nitrogen content may not, however
    exceed a value of 0.012 % N in the ladle analysis and 0.014 % N in the sample analysis.
  • 3) The content may not exceed 0.55 % Si and 1.60 % Mn in the ladle analysis or 0.60 % Si and 1.70 Mn in the
    sample analysis.

  • 1) Method of deoxidation is optional.
  • 2) It is permissible to exceed the specified values provided that for each increase of 0.001 % N the Pmax. Content will be reduced by 0.005 % : the N content of the product analysis. However shall not be more than 0.012 %.
  • 3) The max values for nitrogen does not apply if the chemical composition shows a minimum total AL CONTENT OF 0.020 % or if sufficient other N binding elements are present. The N binding elements shall be mentioned in the inspection document.
  • 4) The values in the table apply to transverse test pieces with w>600 mm.

Hot Rolled Products
Dimensional Specification

* Only For 6 mm Thickness

Technical specification of products

Hot Rolled Standards

  • ISIRI 3693
  • ISIRI 3694
  • ASTM A 6-94
  • ASTM A 568-93
  • ASTM A 365-93
  • EN 10051-91
  • JIS G 3132-90
  • JIS 3131-90
  • DIN 1543
  • DIN 1016