Ferro Gilan Complex

Research dedicated to market and products

Ferro Gilan’s R&D is highly business-oriented, ensuring a shorter time-to-market and improved competitiveness in the following fields.

  • Automotive
  • Packaging
  • Construction
  • General industry

Research dedicated to process

Process R&D is indispensable for the implementation of new steel products and solutions but also to meet the following objectives.

  • Cost reduction through improved productivity and reliability in our production processes
  • Improved environmental performance through reduced emissions, increased product and by-product recycling, energy saving, flexibility in the use of raw materials and energy resources, and the systematic study of the impact of our products and processes on the environment through Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
  • Upstream process: from raw material selection to hot rolling operations
  • downstream process: from cold rolling to finishing operations

As the largest private sector steel rolling company in Iran Ferro Gilan Complex , has based its strategy on establishing suitable customer communication lines and setting high standards in order to achieve customer satisfaction. With this in mind, Ferro Gilan complex not only controls quality throughout production by inspections, but has taken steps in creating one of the most modern and well equipped laboratories in the country, capable of carrying out all required tests to ensure that products are delivered as per customer’s specifications. Ferro Gilan Complex is also certified ISO 9001:2008