Ferro Gilan Complex


Employees are a key asset for any company. Human life and health are worth more than economic results and industrial achievements. Thus, no steady development and further expansion can be obtained without organized control over potentially dangerous sites and technological processes. Creating safe and comfortable work conditions, decreasing occupational hazards, and ensuring healthy life for future generations are an important part of Ferro Gilan’s strategy.

Ensuring integrated approach to all issues of occupational safety is the principal goal in creating a management system for labor protection and safety at all levels. The ultimate goal is to make Ferro Gilan a leader in labor protection and safety among steel producers. the way to attain this goal lies in control and constant improvement of two key components — conditions of labor and personnel activity.

The chief components of continuous labor protection improvement are:

  • Ensuring efficient training and professional development for employees in terms of labor protection and safety
  • Knowledge, understanding, and stringent compliance with safety requirements by every employee
  • Involvement of all employees in ensuring safe labor conditions, using personnel motivation
  • Prevention and minimization of economic losses linked with accidents and professional hazards
  • informing employees of work conditions, existing risks and measures on decreasing them
  • Distributing functions and responsibilities, exchange of experience between various management levels, orientation on safe production and technologies
  • Mandatory use of required individual and group protection
  • Fostering intolerance of Flouting safety requirements and labor protection rules
  • Declaring industrial safety, appraisal of risks linked to exploitation of hazardous objects,as well as measures Ferro Gilan takes to lower suck risks